Friday, May 26, 2006


Illustration by Samit Roy

Theme Image for KICHAINGAATHAA (2006)

The theme image for my prose piece KICHAINGAATHAA!

'Kichain' is a Bangla slang for public chaos and 'Gaathaa' means a Ballad. I was trying to capture the day-to-day chaos of our civilized, urban life, in this prose piece. The language and theme of this piece is very prosaic and based on typical urban aggressiveness. It is never lyrical or does not have any influence of conventional parameters of a so called 'Ballad'. Still, I wanted to call it as a 'Ballad', as I strongly feel that the lyrical mellowness and smoothness of a ballad, is replaced by the harshness and chaotic darkness of a city, when it is juxtaposed against an urban backdrop.

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