Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sketch: Self-portrait # 82

Digital Sketch: Self-Portrait of Digital Artist Samit Roy

Digital Sketch: Self-portrait # 82 (2006)

I am always very much fascinated by the idea of self-portraits. An image, that portrays one's self - that is how I perceive them. This whole idea of self-portrait, however, leaves me in the middle of a strange circus of representations, where everyone is moving with their faces covered with a blank page of a sketch book. When they meet each other, they quickly draw self-portraits and simply exchange them.


Digital Art by Samit Roy

Reflection (2006)

Sometimes, I do feel that it is nothing but a reflection! A reflection that covers the sceen, the chips, cables, ports, keyboard - everything!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Early Illustration

Illustration by Samit Roy

Illustration (1989)

Those were my days of prints and papers and PTS and ink; news papers and Sunday Edtions. The beginning of my career as a visual artist. I was in my late teen then and I used to like the smell of rubber solution!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Early Illustration

Story Illustration by Samit Roy

Illustration (1990)

Another story illustration from the initial days of my career as a Commercial Artist cum Illustrator for a local newspaper!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Urban Conversation - A Concept Sketch

Urban Conversation - Digital Art by Samit Roy

Urban Conversation - A Concept Sketch

I like to simulate the feel of analog media - the good old pencils and rolls of art paper, in my digital works!

Iconic Emotions: Jealous

Digital Illustraion Series: Iconic Emtions by Samit Roy

Iconic Emotions: Jealousy (2001)

An image from my Illustration series called 'Iconic Emotions'!

Iconic Emotions: Amazed

Digital Art and Digital Illustration by Samit Roy

Iconic Emotions: Amazed (2001)

Another image from my illustration series called 'Iconic Emotions'!

Magazine Cover: Chirantan

Magazine Cover by Samit Roy

Magazine Cover: Chirantan (2003)

I designed this cover for a Bengali Literature Magazine, named Chirantan.

Friday, June 02, 2006

And Birds & Myriad Birds

Digital Painting & Bangla Visual Poetry by Samit Roy

And Birds & Myriad Birds (2004)

... and birds and birds and birds and myriad birds spouted from my head ...

This is another image from my Visual Poetry collection. Being a poet and a literature enthusiast, I always like working with text. Again, on the other hand , my designer self is never satisfied with simple, conventional display of text forming a linear pattern. I noticed, how the entire meaning of the text could be changed if I display them in an unconventional manner, following the psychological patterns, evoked by the inner meaning of that particular text piece.