Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Was Eating My Head

Digital Art and Analog Art - mixed Media by New Media Artist Samit Roy

I Was Eating My Head (2002)

'It was me who was eating my head!! My head!! It was eaten by me!! It was me!! I ate my head!!'

Another one dumped from my old backup CDs. Probably, it was the first one where I consciously thought about introducing text as inseparable part of the entire object. You can see, the text is still very stiff, in comparison to my other visual-textual work in later years.

One More Story Illustration

Story Illustration in Pen and ink Samit Roy

Illustration (1989)

One more from my old and yellow paper folder of story illustrations from the my 'teen' days! I remember how I used the nozzle of a water color tube to draw the basic thick lines to form the figure, directly on the paper without any brush and then tried to bring out the details with small strokes and thin lines of a felt pen.