Sunday, July 09, 2006


Comics Digital Art by Samit Roy

Comics (2004)

Since my childhood, I was always mesmerized by the magical world of images and text of comic books and the bikini-clad girlfriends of the super heroes with their funny graphical sounds like, "YEEEEKS" and "BLAAAAM" and "VROOOOOMS" in bold and extruded typeface, crossing the boundaries of those small boxy frames and rigid panels. I always wanted to create a comic strip, but it never happened till date. The only thing that I could do is to fuse one of my unfinished poem about a weekend trip to a rejected photograph from the same trip and make a conscious effort to simulate the eerie ambience of the first cell of a dark action comics strip - still without a story, waiting for a hostile moment to begin its journey through the pages of our childhood fears.

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