Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cabomba furcata

Digital Art by Samit Roy

Cabomba furcata (2004)

As a kid, I used to spend almost every bit of my pocket money and piggybank savings for all those glass jars and bowls and glass tanks and little colorful fishes. Later, as I grew up, I started becoming much serious about this hobby. I realized that an aquarium is not a spectacular toy or showpiece like a marble statue or porcelain flower vase on the center table. Rather it is a living mechanism; breathing, growing, aging, just like us.

As I started spending more time with them, a completely new world was unfurled before me. I was moved by the works and philosophies of Karen Randall, the spectacle and organic beauty of Amano Takashi’s aquascapes. I started enjoying the joy of working on a visual composition with living and growing splashes of colors, which keeps on changing every moment. It is a real challenge to foresee the patterns that your plants might create when they grow up and to provide all required elements and environment that they might require.

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