Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Sleep, Awake & White

Digital Art / VIsual Poetry by Samit Roy

My Sleep, Awake & White (2003)

... was thinking 'bout you and my sleep, awake & whitish, was rolling, rolling and spreading over the whole city ... [ Tr. by Madhuban Mitra ]

... Quand mes sommeils blancs et reveillés diffusaient la cité entièrement ... [ Tr. by Rouflaquettes Dorees ]

Poésie-visuelle de Samit-Rouflaquettes

I continue to call them Visual Poetry for the lack of a sharper articulation. The text is in Bengali, as in most of my other Visual Poems. This piece is one of my initial efforts to combine visual and textual elements in making a single object. The 'poetry' in these artworks could be questioned, but what I was essentially attempting was to distribute the effort towards building a narrative into two parallel modes of communication - textual and visual. For example, I wanted the audience of this particular object to feel a soporific night in the city, without articulating the same emotion through words. I desisted from using the word 'night' in the text, but reinforced it in the visual, through the suggestion of a city skyline in shades of dark blue and black.

This piece was published in Annetna Nepo (Bulletin 9 Apr 2003), a Multilingual Poetry Review magazine. I hope that they haven't taken it off their archives!

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SAMIT said...

After I have modified this post to add little more text and details, I realized that somehow I have deleted the earlier post, with all nice comments from my friends. I am sorry! It was my mistake!

Mariana said...

It is the first time I see your blog and I'm quite impressed!Looks really creative and liberating to me!!!

SAMIT ROY said...

Thanks for your comments! It's very very inspiring!