Monday, March 05, 2007

Park Street Jn.

Digital Art by Samit Roy

Park Street Jn. (2004)

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, always amuses me, with her vibrancies, colors, lives, ever-changing moods and of course with her warmth. I was born and brought up there; felt her presence around me through my childhood, adolescence and my youth. Each node of the city has multiple images stored for me, multiple stories; each one reflecting various ages, various times of my life. Park Street was a place crowded with yellow taxis and traffic polices with white uniforms, as I used to see it when I was a kid. A kid from suburb, who came to visit a fair or an event near Park Street, and stumbled upon the busy policemen, busy traffic of busy Park Street.


Anupam Roy said...

ei chhobi-ta ami anekjon ke dekhalam. sobai fatafati impressed.

SAMIT ROY said...

Thanks for your appreciations and comments! Have a nice time! :)

ইফতেখার said...

কোলকাতা/ক্যালকাটা বাংলায় সচরাচর কোনটা ব্যবহার হয়? অনেকদিন দিন ধরে স্বপ্ন লালন করছি যাবার। নিজের আবাসের বাইরে আর কোন শহরকে নিয়ে এত বেশী পড়িনি, যতটা কোলকাতা নিয়ে পড়েছি। এখন শুধু অপেক্ষা কবে দেখা হবে প্রেয়সীর সাথে।