Friday, June 08, 2007

Landscape in the Mist: Remembering Angelopoulos

Landscape in the Mist: Remembering Angelopoulos

An extention of this work!


Argha said...

I did not watch the movie, nor do I know much of the director Angelopoulas' style of work. Yet I dare to comment on such a piece simply b'coz it attracted my intellect. As I noticed, this is the only contribution without any note from the painter this year. The colour combination and liquid shapes gives me a simile of underwater life (mystic?). The folds may represent faces as well as petals or even unknown hidden stories yet to be discovered. Just as the kids did in "Landscape in the Mist". To me, this artwork, a wonderful d-g-Tal arT, is like a glowing reflection of my live subconscious mind.

SAMIT ROY said...

Thanks Argha for your much insightful comment! It provoked me to write few words about this image, especially about the title!
Though Theo Angelopoulos is one of my favorite European directors, I have never thought about him when I started working on this piece. I just wanted to create a misty landscape with a blue valley and an old sad blossoming tree. As I finished the drawing and started thinking about an apt title for the same, the phrase came to mind is ‘Landscape in the Mist’ and immediately I could associate this image with the colors and mood and visuals of the landscapes depicted in Theo’s works, though, probably it does not reflect any similarities with any physical frames of Theo. So, you can see, it was not inspired by Theo’s works, but later associated with them. Kind of reverse mechanism, you can say!

Also, I must agree that, as Theo Angelopoulos is one of my favorite directors, his images were already, too much established in my mind and they influenced the colors and mood of this image.

Thanks again for your comments!

Anupam Roy said...

Ekta fluoroscent abhigyota. Ghasher kichhu kochi sobuj peye, pathure nistobdhota jeno ektu chanchal. Jeno jawl-er chhol chhol shona jabe kaan patle-i. Ar chhilo kichhu andhokaar-er hatchhani jegulo-ke upekkha kore bhabte boshi "er modhye abar Angelopoulos koththeke elo?". (Bhodroloker chhobi dekhte hochhe)

SAMIT ROY said...

ANupam, Thanks for your comment! Your comment is a seperate creation, too!

Talking about 'Angelopoulos', it was never in the image! It was in the Title and of cource in my mind! :)