Monday, August 04, 2008


Photographics by Samit Roy


Anupam Roy said...

Observations :
1) Both have different paths - they never cross, further more they are opposite to each other.
2) These appear to be pre-defined paths. People have taken them before.
Very nice one indeed

Chutney Gumbo said...

hmmm... responding to what anupam roy said. That is an interesting observations and an insightful one, at that. So, given what you've concluded, would you say that since these two appear to be walking in pre-defined paths that people have taken before, yet their different paths never cross, they would always remain opposite to each other? My observation had some similar notes, yet the entire picture I saw was that somewhere outside the frame of this shot, their paths eventually cross... form a circle, in fact. This 'duality' reminded me of the yin and yang symbol. While it appears that the dark and light 'swooshes' curve past each other continually, on the outside of the circle formed these lines also continually cross each other and circle back on one another... all the fluid motion of duality being an eternal churning ... or at least, a whirlpool of life.