Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gnarled & Tangled

Visual Poetry and Digital Art by Samit Roy

Gnarled & Tangled (2003)

… indeed … our gnarled and tangled roots condense thicken deepen … plumbing quite deep now, shallow next…probing … delving deep again … up for air in a moment … up up … and pause … cease … abate … yet down once more … unfathomable … bottomless … deep into the impregnable squares of stones ...
[ Tr. by Madhuban Mitra ]

I really don't like to call them Visual Poetry, but I never had a better word! However, on a second thought I realized that no other word can express the idea, other than this one - Visual Poetry. I consider them as 'poetry' and they are quite 'visual', too!

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Anupam Roy said...

samit roy - u are a genius - i know u know it. i just felt i should also let you know that i share the same feeling. :)